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1. Place Search

A. Typing the Reference of a Scripture Passage

Choosing “Place Search” (the tab found in the upper left corner of the selection panel) enables you to go directly to a passage in the Bible.

B. Finding a Particular Passage Using the Book List on the Left

The list of books on the left gives you access to the contents of each book; this may help you find the exact passage you are looking for.

- The list of section headings for a book is only displayed for versions that actually contain section headings (ex. SSP). For Bible versions that do not have section headings, the program displays a bar with the chapter numbers of that particular book and below it a list with the first verses of each chapter. Clicking on a number will open the contents of that chapter. 
- In “Compact Display” (see 3.A. Compact Display), the book list is not displayed in order to save space.

C. Footnotes and Cross-references

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