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6. Some Technical Possibilities

A. User Interface in Other Languages

The program is developed in a way that allows the user interface (i.e. the commands, field labels, function names etc.) to be easily translated to other languages. When you start accessing its web-page the program reads the language setting of your browser (in MS Internet Explorer under Tools .../Languages ...) and chooses the appropriate user interface language. If you are accessing the Internet from within Slovenia, the program overrides the above setting and chooses Slovene interface as the default.

If you want to change the interface language later, click on the flag on the selection panel (ex. Slovenski vmesnik or English interface).

With each interface language the program offers a different set of Bible versions – one that suits the basic needs of that language (see 4.A. Parallel Display of a Place Search – Wider or Narrower Set of Versions). It also changes the order of the versions, so that those more useful for the selected language appear earlier and others later. The first version is the default version. The choice of the interface language therefore determines the current “language environment”.

B. Accessing a Particular Passage with a Hyperlink

The program allows you to access a Scripture passage with a hyperlink from elsewhere, for example from within your own HTML document or from your “Favorites” list of hyperlinks.

B. 1. Manual Determining and Inserting of a Hyperlink

B. 2. Automatic Replacement of References with Hyperlinks on Your Entire Web-Page

If your web-page contains many Scriptural references (ex. Mt 5:44 and elsewhere Jn 3:15 and yet elsewhere Mr 3:21 etc.), you can change them into hyperlinks all at once. Those hyperlinks will point to a web-page which will display this Scripture text – the text of your web-page will stay intact, the program will only convert each Bible reference to a hyperlink on which the reader will be able click and receive the display of this passage in Scripture. You have to do this:

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